Photo challenge is fun and challenging! The whole aim of the challenge is to show that even if photographers using the same model, each photographer has his own style and different perspective. Isn't competition, isn't not about to show who is the best. I found that many photographers are competing with each others, which I don't like, I think everyone one is good on his own way. That  video showing how much fun we can have collaborate together! We done this shoot in London, Shoreditch. Thank you to amazing filmmaker and video editor Anthony, to amazing photographers Joel aka JOLRO and Joanna Ruminska, talented model Dagmara Augustyniak.

Each photographer has 10 minutes to get their shoot and choose 2 best pictures, picks outfit and location based on their style.

Location 1

This location belong to Joanna, she choose really cool location with graffiti walls.  Outfit was a white dress styled with belt and denim jacket. I think the outfit made nice contrast to location, make a model pop up from the background.

Photography by Joanna Ruminska:

Photography by JOLRO:

My photography:

Location 2

Mine location! My idea for this shoot was dark wall with colorful graffiti and metallic purple dress, styled with black heels, black tights and black bag with gold chain. On the way to my location, I finded this one and change my mind. I love the stairs, graffiti and light in this place. I think outfit compliments a location really well.

Photography by me:

Photography by JOLRO:

Photography by Joanna Ruminska:

Location 3

Last location choose Joel, was quite busy road, again with graffiti walls! :) Outfit was really cool! I like a yellow boots, skirt and rocky t-shirt. Was really challenging to shoot there, but I think we all do well. 

Photography by JOLRO:

Photography by  Joanna Ruminska:

Photography by me:

I really had good fun making this video. Looking forward to next one! 

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Let me know which pictures you like the most!

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