Modeling portfolio packages


150 £

Test shoot

  • 1h shoot

  • location outdoor

  • 60 images with basic correction

  • 7 fully edited images of your choice

  • 1-2 looks


300 £

Portrait shoot

  • 2h shoot

  • location outdoor

  • 150 images with basic correction

  • 14 fully edited images of your choice

  • 2-4 looks


600 £

Portfolio shoot

  • 4h shoot

  • location outdoor

  • 300 images with basic correction

  • 30 fully edited images of your choice

  • up to 6 looks

Terms and conditions

Studio rent/ makeup&hair/styling services are not included.

To secure a timeslot for a photo session a non-refundible deposit of 30% is required to be paid. The outstanding balance of the fee should be paid at least 24h before the agreed timeslot. If the photo session is cancelled by the client not less than 72 h before the appointed timeslot and the client informs us of this accordingly, then we shall try to reschedule the photoset. In the event of cancellation by less than 72 h notice, the deposit will not be refunded. If the cancellation is made by us, the full amount of the deposit will be repaid.

Travels expenses will be charged £30 to London. If the photo session is more than 20 miles from the Peterborough city centre, a travel fee will apply and will be added to the session price (will be agreed with a client in advance). Copies of travel invoices may be provided on request.

All packages can be upgraded with additional services:

  • Stylist on-line consulation by Jessica Gazzurelli

    • for test shoot 150£

    • for portrait shoot 250£

    • for portfolio shoot 350£

  • Makeup and Hair by Lidia Martinez (London) 125£

  • Makeup by MUA Natalia Guttridge (Peterborough only) 30£

    • eyelashes 5£

    • makeup changes (applicable for portrait and portfolio shoot) 10£

  • additional edits

    • 1-19 8£ per image

    • 20-35 7£ per image

    • 36-50 6£ per image

    • more than 50 5£ per image



How long the experience last?

It’s depends of the package you choose. If you like to add a makeup service this can take up to 2 hours, and hair styling 1hour. Please add a little time to changes and short brakes.

How long it’s take to process the image? Can I choose a pictures?

Is usually take a week to deliver a basic correction images and then you can choose image for full editions. From date when you choose your pictures 1-2 weeks take to delivery images to you. All images are deliver by temporary link. If case of any delays you will be informed immediately.

What should I wear?

If your are not sure and would like a photoshoot more professional add a extra service with stylist on-line consultation. If you willing to style yourself take inspiration from Pinterest or start with simple outfit and bring some accessories with you like hat, sunglasses or jewelry. You can always ask me about opinion.

Can you help me to find location and idea for my photoshoot?

No to worry. I’m more than happy to help. I’m ready to realize your idea and if you haven't any could find some inspiration. I have experience with shooting in London and Peterborough area so can help you to find location for a photoshoot.

Do I need portfolio?

Good portfolio is like your CV and not just a collection of pretty images. Modelling portfolios show ability and versatility, and will show your full potential as a model. Your clients will hire you depending on your modelling portfolio, therefore the better your portfolio the higher chance of getting signed with an agency and finding work.

Are you working with photography studio light?

Unfortunately not, I just don't feel a that type of light suit my style. Natural light is more flattering and photoshoots in outdoor location are more interesting and shows bigger ability of model.

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